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Welcome to Pampered Pets Grooming Parlour

Pampered Pets Grooming Parlour is based at the Orange Grove Veterinary Hospital. We can collect your pets, bath and groom them, they can be vaccinated, or examined by the Veterinarians should they have any medical need and then be returned home, immaculately groomed and spoiled with all their needs attended to. To book a grooming appointment call (011)728-3140 or email

Our Groomers

Gift Nare

Gift started working at the Pampered Pets Grooming Parlour in 2006.

He was trained to groom by a poodle breeder and is an excellent groomer. He is able to groom all breeds of dogs and his calm temperament makes him ideal for grooming cats without sedation. 

Lesley Machete

Lesley started working at the Pampered Pets Grooming parlour  in 2007 and is a professional groomer.  He is able to groom most breeds of dogs and is also excellent with grooming cats.

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