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Kennel Cough Vaccination Special

Kennel cough (infectious canine tracheobronchitis), is a highly infectious respiratory disease affecting dogs of all ages. The symptoms typically characterised by a dry hacking cough which is worsened by excitement or exercise. The illness is caused by both viral and bacterial agents namely canine adenoviruscanine parainfluenza & Bordetella bronchiseptica. If not treated through anti-biotics, Kennel Cough can lead to pneumonia where the animal becomes lethargic, may develop a fever and stop eating.

Thankfully Kennel Cough can be prevented by vaccinating and just like in people, flu vaccines exist for dogs too! Dr. D Moore B.V.Sc M.Med Vet (Med), recommends vaccinating your dog/s against Kennel Cough biannually as the vaccine has a maximum efficacy of six months.

As we head into winter, kennel cough becomes more prevalent and at Orange Grove Vet we usually see an increase in patients being treated for the illness.

Vaccinate against kennel cough during June & SAVE 15%. The discount is on either 5 in 1 + kennel cough or kennel cough only. For more information contact us on (011) 728 – 1371 or email

Puppy & Kitten Microchip Special

At Orange Grove Vet we highly recommend that pet owners vaccinate & microchip their pets especially when they are under a year of age. Bring your puppy or kitten into Orange Grove Vet for vaccinations & SAVE 30% on a microchip for your pet.

Offer available until 30 June 2019 or while stocks last.

To book an appointment call (011) 728-1371 or email for more information. For more information on the importance of microchipping your pet click here.