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Don’t give your dog a bone!

Bones are bad news for pets! Bones are non-digestible & can cause your pet serious problems such as tooth fractures, bowel irritation, constipation and in the case of sharp bones – intestinal perforation and peritonitis.

The x-rays in the images show a recent case where a dog had eaten bones which formed indigestible clusters in the intestines. The dog was severely constipated and in discomfort. After oral laxatives did not help, an enema was required to pass the bone clumps.


After 48 hours and further oral laxatives the bone fragments had cleared the bowels. The dog also had to been given antibiotics and medication, pain killers and medication to protect the stomach and bowel from irritation.


As pet owners it is our responsibility to provide safe treats and chews for our pets. Bones can cause more harm than good and should be avoided. If you do give your dogs chew treats, please supervise your pets and don’t give them excessively hard chews (such as hooves) or treats that can be broken into dangerous fragments.