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At Orange Grove Veterinary Hospital we are proud to offer a range of quality, affordable services to our clients & their pets: 


This is an essential preventative medical procedure usually performed in young animals in order to prevent serious illnesses. Regular booster vaccinations are required to maintain immunity to various diseases. 

Medical Consultations

A general medical examination consist of a physical examination in which information is gathered to aid in the formulation of a treatment protocol for either preventative or curative medication. Specialist examinations usually require an in depth evaluation which may include blood tests, urine and faecal analysis, radiographs and ultrasonographic evaluations.

Surgical Procedures

Operations are performed using the safest anaesthetic agents as well as closed circuit inhalation anaesthesia. All anaesthetics are administered by professional staff and pets are continuously observed using both cardiac and respiratory monitors. Elective surgical procedures such as spays and neutering can be booked via reception and are performed Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. 

To improve anaesthetic safety, patients undergoing a surgical procedure that requires a general anesthetic are required to enter the hospital the evening prior to the surgery. This allows thorough clinical evaluations of your pet and surgical pre-medication. On discharge from hospital a veterinarian will discuss progress and medication requirements with you. This provides you with a thorough appraisal of the clinical conditions of your pet as well as future care and subsequent re-evaluation.


An ambulance service is available. For your convenience, your pet can be collected or a home visit may be arranged via reception. These visits are usually only possible Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


We offer a collection & delivery service from Mondays to Fridays, excluding weekends and public holidays. For your convenience we can deliver your pets medication & pet food. We also collect your pets for grooming at our "Pampered Pets" grooming parlour.  A nominal fee is payable.


The hospital has a boarding facility which is available to all pets, and especially to those which require particular care or continuous medication. The kennels are heated and blankets are provided. During the December & January holiday periods, bookings are made at least 6 - 4 weeks in advance and a 50% deposit is required.