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Pet Insurance

Why all Pet Owners should invest in Insurance for their Pets?

Caring for our pets is on average a  10 - 15 year commitment. To ensure that our pets live a long and healthy life, they will require good nutrition and ongoing veterinary care. At Orange Grove Vet, we believe in a holistic approach, which encompasses good nutrition, parasite control, thorough clinical examinations, preventative medicine, early screening for disease and the latest advancements in veterinary treatment. 

Globally, pet insurance (similar to medical aid for people) is becoming an essential, cost saving expense for millions of pet owners & in the past few years the South African pet insurance market has expanded, offering a range of products to suite the everyday person's pocket.

At Orange Grove Vet, we recommend that clients seriously consider pet insurance for their pets. There are various schemes available to you and these can save you as much as 80 % on your vets bills.