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Which pet food diets are Beth Din approved during Passover.

Passover or Pesach, takes place this year from the 10th – 18 April 2017, and is a major Jewish festival celebrated around the world. During Passover, the consumption of leavened grains is forbidden. How does this have any bearing on our pets?

For those observing the festival , it is important that their homes are free from any products with ingredients such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt or their derivatives. Many of the foods our pets eat include these ingredients, therefore every year the Beth Din (Judicial council) releases a list of “safe” foods for our pets to eat.

Please see below the list which either states foods kosher for Passover or not kosher for Passover (this list was extracted from the Passover Guide 2017/5777):

Hill’s Pet Nutrition – Prescription Diet (Vets only)


  • Dry: a/d, c/d, d/d, i/d, j/d, j/d Reduced Calorie, k/d, l/d, s/d, t/d, u/d, w/d/ z/d
  • Wet: Entire range excluding w/d and i/d low fat


  • Dry: a/d, d/d, i/d, j/d, m/d, Metabolic, r/d, s/d, t/d, w/d
  • Wet: a/d, d/d, Metabolic & z/d
  • Pouches: Entire range excluding: i/d, c/d, c/d stress and k/d

Hill’s Pet Nutrition – Science Plan (Vets & Vet shops)


  • Dry: Puppy Healthy Development (mini, medium, large breed), Light (mini, medium, large breed), Oral Care, Sensitive Skin
  • Wet: Only Light tinned food is suitable.


  • Dry: Kitten Healthy Development (chicken & tuna), Optimal Care Adult Tuna, Adult Hairball, Light, Oral Care, Indoor Cat, Sensitive Skin & Sterilised (young adult & mature).
  • Wet: Only Kitten Mousse is suitable
  • Pouches : None

Eukanuba & Iams (Vets only)


  • Dry: Only the Dermatosis and High Calorie are suitable
  • Wet: Only Intestinal, Dermatosis, Restricted Calorie and High Calorie are suitable.


  • Dry: Only Renal
  • Wet: Only High Calorie tins

Royal Canin -Veterinary Diet (vets only)

  • Dogs Dry: Only early cardiac, hepatic, hypo-allergenic, renal, sensitivity control, skin support and Urinary S/O are suitable.
  • Dogs wet: Only Sensitivity Control & Urinary S/O are suitable
  • Cat Dry: Only Hyo-allergenic & Sensitivty control are suitable
  • Cat Wet: Only Sensitivity Control pouches are suitable.

Royal Canin – Normal Diet (Vets & Vet shops)

  • Dog Dry: Only Dachshund Adult & Bulldog Adult are suitable
  • Cats: None

Vets Choice (Vets & Vet Shops)

  • Dogs: Only Sensitive food is suitable

Ultra Dog – Only Hypo-Allergenic food is suitable

Other Brands (Acana, Orijen, Hill’s Ideal Balance) – (Vets & Vet shops)

It is recommended that people wanting to feed these brands must read the ingredients list that the product doesn’t contain – wheat, barley, oats, spelt, rye, sorghum, brewer’s yeast or yeast of any origin.

For other pets such as birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, pet mice & guinea pigs – please discuss a homemade or fresh diet with your veterinarian or vet shop personnel. 

Wishing our Jewish clients a Chag Sameach! Visit Orange Grove Vet or a Vet’s Pantry store near you for Passover approved diets for your pets!