Shoo-Fly Spray Refill

Repellent against Biting Flies

Shoo-fly repellent for dogs and horse is a pleasant-smelling, safe, long-acting repellent with provides hightly effective protection against all flies, especially biting flies. Keep flies away for days.

The spray contains two strong insect-repellent substances as well as aromatic oils and citronella oil, and it is very safe to use.

Also repels ticks and fleas!

Contains 1% Permethrin (a long-acting repellent), 0,35% Esbiothrin (instant knock-down), 1,5% Piperonyl butoxide and aromatic oils in a pleasant-smelling base.

First brush the coat to remove dirt and dust, then spray or wipe onto the animals body and ears. For horses: legs, flanks and shoulders should receive special attention. Use caution when applying near the eyes - rather wipe there than spray.

If biting flies have left wounds,
first clean with antiseptic and
remove any blood spots, then
brush coat to remove any dirt
or dust.
Shoo-Fly Repellent Spray:
Spray Shoo-Fly on to the coat
or if preferred wipe on with a sponge or soft cloth.
Treat ears and all areas where protection from flies
is needed. Spray with care to avoid getting the
solution in the eyes or preferably apply by spraying
on a soft cloth and wiping around the facial area.
Repeat as often as required.

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