Pheroma Litter Powder

Odour Control

PHEROMA is a product of recent research into the nature of smells. Available in Spray and Powder forms, it is a pet odour remover based on a new scientific principle. It can successfully be used on bad smells such as cat urine, anal gland smells, cat litter, vomit, faeces - and even sour milk. Most other products simply mask the unpleasant smell with a strong perfume, leaving the underlying malodour to return when the perfume evaporates. But PHEROMA actually removes unpleasant odours permanently. Just one spray or sprinkle and your environment will once again smell as fresh as a daisy.

PHEROMA Litter Powder is a pleasant-smelling crystaline powder developed especially for deodorising cat, hamster and any other animal litter or bedding (it is being successfully used in a lion cub enclosure).

The powder is non-toxic and biodegradable.

The Powder works on the same principle of odour-neutralisation as PHEROMA Spray.

The powder is harmless, non-toxic and non-irritant.

Kyron's odour neutraliser in a crystalline powder base

Simply sprinkle the powder lightly on the surface of the litter.

It is completely safe to use. Use the pleasant-smelling powder form for litter trays or use spray for carpets and furniture.

It should be used when installing new litter as well as on existing litter, as and when necessary, to remove urine and faecal odours instantly.

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