Arnica Ice

Cooling Gel

ARNICA ICE is a gel-based analgesic for the temporary relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with sprains, strains or arthritis. Effective as an aid for cooling tendons and overworked muscles in horses, pre- and post-workout. It is also safe and effective for use on dogs ... and even pet owners are known to benefit from the soothing properties of the product.

The following 4 main ingredients work together to provide relief:

1. Arnica oil: A well-known herbal anti-inflammatory

2. Menthol: Stimulates the sensory nerves, inducing a feeling of coolness. Acts as a mild local anaesthetic and relieves itching.

3. Camphor: Has mild anaesthetic properties. It has traditionally been used for swelling and sprains, as well as for relieving arthritic pains.

4. Witch hazel: promotes healing of bruises and swellings.

Arnica Oil 1%, menthol 1%, camphor 0,6%, witch hazel 0,6% in a gel base.

Rub in thoroughly before and after workout.

  • LEGS: To relieve pain, rub in thoroughly three or more times a day.
  • BACK, SHOULDERS & FLANK: Apply liberally for relief of soreness and stiffness (it can be used three or more times daily). Don’t apply under saddle area if horse is to be ridden after treatment.
  • THERAPEUTIC BODY WASH: when a coolant is indicated, mix 2 tablespoonfuls of gel into 1 litre of warm water and apply with a sponge to the horse’s entire body.

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