CALMEZE Liquid for Dogs

Intended for use in highly strung or anxious dogs

Nutritional aid for use in anxiety related conditions in dogs. The product is a caramel flavoured liquid 

containing vitamins and amino acids that promote relaxation.


It can be used in stressful situations as well as to relieve anxiety as a result of weaning, separation, transport to a new environment, kennelling, hospitalisation and fear of travel.


Each 5ml contains:
L-Tryptophan ……………………………………........... 250 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) ……&

CalmEze can be mixed into the animal’s food or given directly by mouth. Individual events likely to cause fear or anxiety: Administer one to two hours before the anxious event. Long-term management of behavioural problems: Administer half the normal dose as required. The dosage may be reduced once improvement is noticed and can be repeated with flare-up.

1 pump = 2.5ml

Weight Individual event Long-term use
<5kg 1 pump 1/2 pump
6 - 10kg 2 pumps 1 pump
11 - 20kg 3 pumps 1 1/2 pumps
21 - 30kg 4 pumps 2 pumps
>30kg 5 pumps 2 1/2 pumps


Short-Term Use for individual events

• Kennels and cattery
• Travel
• Separation anxiety
• Dog and cat shows
• Hospitalization
• Moving house
• Weaning
• New dog or cat brought into the family
• Loss of a pet in multi-pet household

Long-Term use for Behavioural Problems and Medical Conditions

• As an aid for behavioural problems in conjunction with behaviour therapy.
• In multi-cat households where abnormal behaviour is evident.



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