To complete a purchase on this shop, one must find the relevant products, add them to their cart, select a delivery preference and make a payment online for the transaction to be processed.

Search and Filter Options

To find specific products one has a number of search tools:

  • Search Field
    Displays search results of products that contain the exact word in any of the information fields.
  • Advanced Search
    Displays search results that contain either the exact word/words searched or displays search results that contain each of the words searched.
  • Product Categories
    Filter by category to find groups of products.
  • Brand Banners
    Click on the brand banners to see all of the products in the range of that brand.

Once the relevant product has been found, simply hover over the image of the product to see the available size options for the specific product. Click on a size or on the “more info” button to see more information about the product. The product can be added to your cart from the more information screen by selecting a quantity and clicking on “Add to cart”.


User confirms the products for purchase, selects a payment method, delivery option (and information) and enters account details.


The system allows for orders to be collected or for orders to be delivered to a specified delivery address.

Where an order for collection has been selected, the order and payment takes place online and the user collects the products from the practice once notified that they are ready.

Where an order for delivery is selected, the user selects a delivery suburb with an associated price. The exact address is then provided along with a recipient name and specific instructions for delivery. Delivery will then take place 24-48 hours later (may be longer over weekends).


We facilitate payment for all major Credit Cards as well as an instant EFT option (SID) with payment to be processed on placement of your order. All transactions are facilitated and processed through our secure payment gateway with SSL protection. We do not store credit card details and hot cards will be rejected.

Prescription Diets

For the purchase of prescription diets, clients have to be request the particular product and must be approved for purchase of the product in question. To apply for access to prescription products users must navigate to the “Prescription Products” screen and be logged in, then find the relevant product either by using the dropdowns to find products for specific medical conditions or by searching for the specific product. The user can then view available sizes and product info but must click on “Apply” to make a request for the veterinarian’s approval. This request must include a reason for requesting the product in question. Once approved by the veterinarian, the product will be available for purchase for as long as it meets the conditions of the veterinarian’s approval. Should an applicant have a previous diagnosis for a specific prescription diet from another veterinarian, a script will be requested to be faxed to 086 684 4994. 

Customer Accounts

One can complete an online transaction by just providing basic contact information and not creating an actual account. This however is limiting and would need to be repeated for each transaction. To gain access to prescription products, loyalty programs, easily repeat orders and much more, users can create accounts on the system whereby information such as transaction history will be remembered and linked to the specific account.


A minimum order of R50 excluding VAT and the delivery fee must be placed for the transaction to be completed.