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What does your pet mean to you? With Penny Badenhorst, Orange Grove Vet receptionist

We asked Penny Badenhorst, our receptionist to tell us about her menagerie of cats and dogs. Here is what she had to say: “Currently, I have two dogs, Benjamin and Mello, and three cats, Tikki, Snickers, and Peppa. Most of my pets are rescues, all excepting my crazy Chocolate Labrador, Mello. They have all found […]

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What is Kennel Cough (canine tracheobronchitis)?

Kennel cough (infectious canine tracheobronchitis), is a highly infectious respiratory disease affecting dogs of all ages. Kennel cough, is contracted when dogs come into contact with other infected dogs as a result of the spread by droplets of mucous. High risk environments include boarding kennels, dog shows, grooming parlours and parks. The symptoms typically characterised […]

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