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What is Kennel Cough (canine tracheobronchitis)?

Kennel cough (infectious canine tracheobronchitis), is a highly infectious respiratory disease affecting dogs of all ages. Kennel cough, is contracted when dogs come into contact with other infected dogs as a result of the spread by droplets of mucous. High risk environments include boarding kennels, dog shows, grooming parlours and parks. The symptoms typically characterised […]

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Which pet food diets are Beth Din approved during Passover.

Passover or Pesach, takes place this year from the 10th – 18 April 2017, and is a major Jewish festival celebrated around the world. During Passover, the consumption of leavened grains is forbidden. How does this have any bearing on our pets? For those observing the festival , it is important that their homes are free from […]

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Why our pet’s kidneys should not be ignored!

One of the most overlooked aspects of our pets’ health is kidney or renal care. The kidneys perform a wide variety of important roles. They are involved in toxin removal, blood pressure control, aiding in the production of new red blood cell formation and electrolyte, pH and water balance. Fortunately, there is a considerable ‘reserve […]

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