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Orange Grove Vet celebrates Spay Day 2018

World Spay Day is held on the last Tuesday of every February & raises awareness on the importance of sterilising pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits. This is in an effort to tackle the current global problem of pet overpopulation which we are experiencing.

Spay Day at Orange Grove Vet!

Orange Grove Vet is proud to be associated with a number of local organisation such as Community Veterinary Clinics (CVC), Kitty & Puppy Haven, Animal Allies & Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue South Africa, who are involved in re-homing and/or sterilising animals. At Orange Grove Vet, we not only make regular donations, but provide free and/or reduced cost sterlisations & treatment to these welfare organisations on an ongoing basis.

Over the past 4 years Orange Grove Vet has partnered with Animal Allies for their annual Spay Day campaign, where over a 4 week period the organisation sterilises as many dogs and cats from low income communities & townships across Gauteng. This year, Snoopy, Rex and Loin from Katlehong, a township 35km east of Johannesburg, were brought through to Orange Grove Vet to be spayed & neutered.

Spay Day Campaigns – Assisting communities in need.

In South Africa (& many other countries worldwide), there are lower income areas where pets are in desperate need of basic veterinary care including sterilisation. In these communities uncontrolled breeding has lead to an overpopulation & with an absence of resources, animals are not being vaccinated or provided with basic veterinary care. This leads to the persistence of treatable illnesses such biliary, mange, ticks, fleas and worms & there is a increased risk too of young animals contracting diseases like parvo-virus & distemper (in dogs), feline panleukopenia, feline AIDS (in cats) and rabies to name a few.

We are fortunate in South Africa to have a number of non-profit organisations such as Animal Allies working tirelessly in these communities to vaccinate & sterilise animals & educate on basic pet care.

What can you do to make a difference?

There are a number of ways you, as a pet owner can reach out and make a difference.

  • Ensure your own pet/s are sterilised and by doing they cannot add to growing population of unwanted animals.
  • Educate others to the importance of pet sterilisation.
  • Adopt from an animal shelter! Don’t buy a puppy or kitten from a pet shop (this will only encourage backyard breeders).
  • Support non-profit organisations working in our community.

In closing

Sterilisation eliminates the risk of animals reproducing, thereby decreasing the population of unwanted animals. 

Regardless of whether you intend to breed with your pet or you believe that your pet will never get out of the property & therefore never sire or produce a litter, by not sterilising you could inadvertently be adding to the problem we are experiencing with an overpopulation of unwanted animals in shelters globally.

For more information on pet sterilisation at Orange Grove Vet email or call us on 0117281371.