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Heart warming story of Rescue dog, Kelsey & her miracle puppy, Niles.

Over the past six weeks, staff at Orange Grove Vet have been witness to & a part of the trials & tribulations of Kelsey, a cross breed female who was adopted by the Lipchick family in December 2017. Like many rescue dogs, Kelsey’s history is one of terrible abuse. By the time she was adopted she had already undergone surgery to amputate her front leg as a result of being stabbed by people living in the Orange Farm community. Despite all of this, Kelsey’s new owner Candice, fell in love with her sweet & gentle nature.

Shortly after Candice brought Kelsey home, she noticed that she was somewhat depressed and not eating well. She also noticed Kelsey had an unusual discharge coming from her nether regions. She immediately brought her through to Orange Grove Vet where after initially examining Kelsey, Dr Moore decided to run additional blood tests and x-ray her. To everyone’s surprise the tests revealed Kelsey was in fact pregnant!

Although not what Candice, her new owner, was expecting, the news did not get better. Kelsey needed an emergency operation, as she had gone into labour but was unable to deliver naturally.

Kelsey was prepared for surgery and placed under anaesthetic. Dr Romberg performed an emergency C-Section where only 2 puppies were delivered, with one still born and the other in distress, needing life saving mouth to snout resuscitation by vet nurse Vanessa. After the C-Section was completed, Kelsey was also spayed.

At birth Kelsey’s surviving puppy weighed only 238g. Sadly Kelsey had not started producing milk, which was likely as a results of the stress caused by her recent trauma. As it is vitally important for pups in the 1st 24 hours of life to receive antibodies from the colostrum in their mother’s milk, Sr Vanessa, drew blood from Kelsey & extracted the serum to give to the puppy as a substitute.

Later that day, it was decided that while mom, Kelsey was recovering from surgery, the newborn pup would go home with an Orange Grove Vet staff member. The pup was bottle fed replacement puppy milk formula every 2 – 3 hours throughout the night and returned safely to Kelsey the following morning.

To everyone’s relief Kelsey happily took to her pup and it was clear she had probably cared for puppies before. Although not yet producing milk, she and the pup went home with her owner, who continued bottle feeding the pup.

A week later, owner Candice, Kelsey & puppy Niles (as he was named by Sr Vanessa after TV show characters from Frasier), returned to Orange Grove Vet to re-bandage a wound on Kelsey’s foot. Little Niles had gained almost 200g & Kelsey had started producing her own milk!

Over the past few weeks staff at Orange Grove Vet have enjoyed regular visits from Kelsey & Niles, watching little Niles grow, open his eyes, start to walk and develop his own personality.

This week, at six weeks old, Niles visited Orange Grove Vet to have his first vaccinations! A puppy’s first vaccinations are vital to insure he or she builds up immunity to protect against deadly diseases such as distemper, rabies & parvovirus.

Niles has a lovely laid back personality but, unlike his mom, Kelsey who is medium sized, will likely grow into a large breed dog. Mother & son make quite a pair but will likely have to part ways in a few months. When owner, Candice adopted Kelsey, she had only planned for a medium sized dog for her small garden & Niles will likely need a lot more space to grow & thrive as an adult dog. If you are able to provide a loving “fur” ever home for a special puppy like Niles, please contact